"Here's A Little Insider Tip You Need To Know If You Want To Bank 6-Figures In Cash Off Creating Breathtaking Animations In The Next 60 Days"

"Here's A Little Insider Tip You Need To Know If You Want To Bank 6-Figures In Cash Off Creating Breathtaking Animations In The Next 60 Days"

...this tip is used by the big boys to rake in at least half a million from big international brands per gig, leaving their competition to eat sand.

The major challenge to staying afloat in the animations industry, even if you have gone through an animations school, is the inability to constantly juice out beautiful graphics and creative content on a regular basis...

We know that not everybody is born creative, but truth be told, it can be learnt...

Are you truly interested in learning how to create 3D Animations? then...
"You definitely need some basic knowledge of graphics design"

Personally, I am not very creative when it comes to graphics designs. I don't even know how to match colors to know the best fit for certain scenes.

So I hired a partner who was pretty good with graphics designs. That was how I saved myself at the beginning of my animations career.

But at a certain point, his services was also being hired by some big agencies who were willing to pay much higher than I was paying or would ever pay.

It only meant one thing for my business...

"My animations business was gradually dying a natural death because of lack of graphics design skills"

Except I did something about it. And I had to do something really fast...

I started searching online for people who will teach me graphics design as it relates to animations.

The search was not as easy as I originally assumed. Because I ended up paying 3 different guys who claimed that they would teach me and they ended teaching me graphics designs for print media.

There is a very huge difference. You may be a graphics designer for print media, but do you understand what to do and how to work when it comes to animations?

After my long 8months search, I finally found 2 very good trainers from an online school (name withheld) who did justice to the topic.

I paid $297 to get trained (approximately ₦108,405)... and it was worth every penny.

Now guess what happened to my business...

Yeah!!! You guessed right. My business blossomed once again and revenues shot through the roof.

Now that I have made enough money, I hired 3 other graphics designers just to relieve myself from some basic responsibilities while I focus more on bringing in more clients.

It's all about using wisdom and doing the right things at the right time.

Now you all see why it is important to understand graphics design as it relates to 3D Animations.

The Good News Is That You Are About To Get The Same Course For Almost Free Today!!!

It has even been repackaged by my team to better suit the Nigerian audience.

We named it...

Animators Haven GFX Course

I just need you to take action really fast...

The training was recorded in video format such that you can watch the videos and learn on your own and learn at your own pace.

The training course has been uploaded to a private server which currently costs us $69/month (approximately ₦25,185 every month) to maintain.

If you multiply that figure by 12 months, it means that we spend roughly ₦302,220 on a yearly basis to host it online.

We have decided to give you the training for free, but you are required to join others who are interested in covering for the server bill.

Just ₦7,500...

If you do the calculation, you find out that only 41 people are needed to foot this bill and after that it will be gone from the general public.

Count yourself lucky. Of course we don't want such valuable information available to every Tom, Dick and Harry you see on the streets.

Take note that over the past 6 years, I have been constantly updating my graphics design library, and I will give you all the training courses and resource materials for absolutely free.

As much as I wish to give it at a higher price than ₦7500, but I really can't. It's not mine, so I can't sell it. But I can gift it to anyone I choose.

And that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I only need you to cover for the fees I incur in keeping them safe in a cloud storage server.

The graphics design training package you will receive has 15 in-depth training modules. It's been structured in such a way that it will take you from a total novice to becoming proficient enough to stand on your own...

MODULE 1: What is graphics design?

MODULE 2: Graphics Design Career - First Steps

MODULE 3: Introduction to Graphic Design (Essentials)

MODULE 4: Graphic Design Foundations - Layout and Composition

MODULE 5: Graphic Design Foundations - Typography

MODULE 6: Color for Design and Art

MODULE 7: Learning Logo Design

MODULE 8: InDesign Quick Start

MODULE 9: Introducing Illustrator

MODULE 10: Introducing Photoshop - Design

MODULE 11: Logo Challenge with Aaron Draplin

MODULE 12: Brand Character Design

MODULE 13: Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training - The Basics

MODULE 14: Creating a Poster with Adobe Mobile Apps

MODULE 15: Welcome to Learning Creative Cloud Libraries

Each of the modules have sub-modules and multiple video lessons in them. In total, you will receive over 32hrs and 49mins of pure video content.

That's why it is imperative that you act now. As this course will never be offered at this ridiculously cheap price, ever again.

Heads up padawan...

Few weeks ago, insider information reached me that ONGA (the popular seasoning powder for cooking) paid their animator ₦2.5m to create their brand character and animate it.

He also gets a cool 150k to 500k for every new animation he pulls out from the same brand character which he had already created.

Now that's one of the secret techniques that only the elites in the industry know, and they jealously guard this secret from the regular graphics designer on the street.

The training you are going to receive contains a section specially dedicated on brand character designing. This section alone has 12 video lessons running for over 2hrs 35mins.

You will learn how to create any type of brand character that can ever be imagined, from scratch. This is just one of the many graphics design secrets that will be revealed to you.

You will also be shown basically everything you need to know about color blending, creating graphic scenes, typography, logo design and much more.

Furthermore, you will be given insider information on how to get a client, you will also get some project templates and pricing quotation samples, you will be taught how to pitch yourself, how to get feedback and how to stay ahead.

Now you are probably wondering if all this can be true.

Absolutely YES!!!

It took me 6 years in this industry to handpick all these materials. So you can already perceive the value of what you are about to get for absolutely free.

All I require of you is to join 40 other people to cover for the cost of keeping them in a cloud storage server for the next 1yr. Each person pays ₦7500.

Please don't get me wrong... I am not guaranteeing that you will get big TV brands to start paying you immediately when you learn all these, but one thing is for sure...

With this insider technique alone, you can start charging local brands and small businesses in your region (who are concerned about branding and publicity) anywhere from 50k to 250k - depending on what you know they can afford - to create ordinary brand characters for them.

When you take this knowledge and merge it with the 3D Animations Training which you will also be getting access to shortly (check your email for the links), then you can boldly start boasting of 6 to 7figures on a monthly basis... Guaranteed!

Join 40 other smart young animators to-be and invest this "Animators Haven GFX Course" in yourself with an access fee of just ₦7500.

Now, I know most people reading this are already stuck in their own ways.

I totally get it. We are adults. Products of habit. After a while, even hardship becomes more of a habit than a condition.

You might have gotten so accustomed to never taking action that you now perfectly fit what Les Brown meant when he said, "Most People Will Not Even Participate In Their Own Rescue"

Click the button below to help yourself right now...

After payment, you will be automatically redirected to the page containing the download links to training you just paid for.

Another copy of your links to download your GFX Course will also be automatically sent to your email address. Check the receipt you get from Paystack, you will see the download link there.

A whatsapp number will also be there, so you can reach us via WhatsApp in case you have any questions.

Moving forward...

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we've gotten. You may even be asking yourself these same questions right now...

Q1: How will I access this graphics design course?

We will grant you user login access to the portal where the training was uploaded to. You will be able to watch the training and learn at your own pace...

With this access, you can practice on your own. Nobody will hurry you up if you like to learn slowly, and nobody will slow you down if you like to learn fast.

Q2: How do I ask questions when I get stuck? What other support do I get after investing in this training?

In as much as we allow you learn on your own, we have also created specific measures to ensure that you don't get stranded when you need urgent help.

So we have a private facebook group where you will be added to so you can get help from our in-house professionals whenever help is needed.

Q3: What is the total duration of this graphics design course?

The training is 32hrs & 49mins of knowledge-infused graphics design content.

Q4: What softwares are covered by the course?

The training covers the appropriate use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator. The training covers from beginner level to expert level.

Q5: Will this course teach me how to create animations?

No. Please note that this is not the training on animations. This is rather a graphics design course that will boost your creativity level.

You will be shown how to get the full training on animations when you watch the free webinar. The links to the webinar will arrive in your email any moment from now.

Q6: Can I download the course or must I watch it online?

That totally depends on your preference. You will be given a button to download the whole folder containing the training materials, including all the exercise files.

But if you have unlimited internet access and you prefer to watch everything online, good and fine, you can as well watch it online too.

Q7: Will I have to pay this ₦7,500 every year, since the server billing is yearly?

No, you won't have to ever pay again... We will allow new people into the system when it's about time for renewal. After that, every other person will have to wait another 365days.

Q8: What if I have questions or issues not listed here?

If you have any issues with downloading the training materials, issues with making payment or any unanswered question in your mind, use on the green WhatsApp icon at the bottom-right of this page to reach us via whatsapp and we will be more than happy to help you get everything sorted out on a live whatsapp chat.

To get started, click the red button below that says "Give Me The GFX Course" and make your destiny proud of you. Your time is ticking...

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